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State Benefits For Those With a Disability

By: Garry Crystal - Updated: 5 Dec 2016 | comments*Discuss
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As with all benefits available from the government there are rules, regulations, and red tape to cut through before you are considered eligible. There are various state benefits for those with a disability and these benefits should always be claimed for. Around 60% of disabled people spend money every week on special equipment and materials related to their disability, so it is important that money from all benefits is claimed.

Incapacity Benefit

If you cannot work due to disability or illness then you may be eligible for incapacity benefit. You will need to be under 65 to be eligible and your statutory sick pay must have ended, or were not entitled to SSP. There are different payment rates for this benefit and an age addition benefit may also apply.

Disability Living Allowance

Disability allowance is one of the main benefits for those who are physically and/or mentally disabled. You will need to be under 65 and a British resident to be eligible and there are two separate parts to disability allowance. These two parts are comprised of a care component and a mobility component.

A care component will be applied if you need help to look after yourself. The mobility component regards assistance if you cannot walk or need help to walk. Some people will be entitled to one of these benefits and some may be entitled to both.

Claiming Disability Living Allowance

You can claim for this benefit by contacting your local job centre or social security office, or you can go online and fill in a claim form. Claiming disability living allowance may have an effect on other benefits you receive and may actually make your benefit payments increase.

Disabled Facilities Grant

This is a local council grant that, if you are eligible, can be used to make alterations to your home. The council will need to agree that these alterations are necessary to enable you to continue living in the home, and that the cost of alterations is reasonable. To be eligible for this grant you will need to be disabled or have a disabled person living in your home, and either you or the disabled person must be the tenant or home owner of the property.

Another stipulation of the grant is that the disabled person must be intending to live in the property as their main residence for the grant period; at the moment this period is five years. This grant is means tested on the average weekly income in relation to the household expenditure. Your capital and savings will be evaluated with regards to the grant but the first £6000 of savings will be disregarded. The maximum grant that can be applied for is £25,000.

Transport for the Disabled

State benefits for those with a disability may also include eligibility to the government rent or own a car scheme. The governments 'Motability' scheme is an option that makes leasing or owning a car affordable for disabled people. To be eligible for this scheme you must be in receipt of a War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement and/or the Higher Rate Mobility part of the Disability Living allowance.

You do not even have to be a driver to be eligible for this scheme; you can apply for a car and then nominate two drivers. There are also special grants that can be applied for if you need more financial help towards owning or leasing a car, and this scheme is open to VAT relief.

War Disablement Benefit

This is a pension available to people who have been injured or disabled while serving in the HM armed forces. The amount you will receive will be calculated on the severity of your disability. If you are eligible then this pension can be topped up with other allowance.

Attendance Allowance

Attendance allowance is a tax free benefit that is available to anyone over the age of 65 who needs assistance due to a mental or physical disability. The severity of your disability will count towards the rate of benefit you will receive, and the disability must be severe enough for you to need assistance.

There are other state benefits for those with a disability such as free car tax and vat relief on special equipment and material relating to the disability. Contact your local government office to receive all the information that you can on these benefits and make sure you claim as soon as possible.

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Joe - Your Question:
My birthdate is 17 Aug 1953,,when will l be eligible for the winter fuel payment,,it seems that every year they move the goal posts,,if you was born in May of 1953,,you are eligible,,l have read that it coukd actually be another 3yrs before l am eligible ,,how can that be fair,,l have worked since l was 15yrs of age.

Our Response:
We do not have the 2017/18 dates, therefore to ask about your payment, find out when you may qualify, or to make a claim, you would have to call the Winter Fuel Payment Helpline on 0345 915 1515. I hope this helps.
FinancingRetirement - 6-Dec-16 @ 12:53 PM
My birthdate is 17 Aug 1953,,when will l be eligible for the winter fuel payment,,it seems that every year they move the goal posts,,if you was born in May of 1953,,you are eligible,,l have read that it coukd actually be another 3yrs before l am eligible ,,how can that be fair,,l have worked since l was 15yrs of age.
Joe - 5-Dec-16 @ 8:41 PM
@alibali - Unfortunately not, you can get help to pay for your heating bills if you were born on or before July 5, 1952.
FinancingRetirement - 12-Nov-14 @ 12:44 PM
my date of birth is 22 4 54 am i entitled to winter fuel allowance
alibali - 11-Nov-14 @ 11:36 PM
Can i get winter fuel help my dob is 25/03/1953
sue - 20-Dec-13 @ 3:04 PM
how do i go about claiming for fuel allowance,, date of birth 11.06.1953, thanks
mue - 16-Dec-13 @ 9:44 PM
I want to take mobility abroad what do I have to do
nannysandy - 29-Apr-13 @ 7:52 PM
my life partner passed Sept. 2012.He had dual citizenship, USA I am a citizen of the USA>he left me his property located in Largs, UK.I wish to move there, permanently.Am i applicable for any financial help ? He did not receive any UK benefits at all.I am disabled and receive SSD from the gov't. here in the states. Is there anyway in which i can become a resident and live in Largs? Please reply if there is anyway in which I could move and live there. I would be selling my home here in the states, but living in the flat inLargs which is legally mine now.We were together 19 years. Thank you for your time, Carol Osborne Florida, USA
Carol - 24-Mar-13 @ 5:03 PM
I have lost my benefit through a medical.I have had health problems all my lifeI am 60 yrs old where or who is going to give me a job.I am still recieving hospital treatment but that didnt matter to them.Cant get job seekers ,there is just my wifes wage Life sucks.
Mick - 25-Oct-12 @ 12:16 PM
@ Joe Carr - As your date of birth is not before 5th January 1951 you will not be able to claim the winter fuel allowance this year (2012). However, you will be eligible to claim it next year (2013) please take a look at this article which contains more information on how to claim it.
FinancingRetirement - 20-Aug-12 @ 2:37 PM
Hi , am I entitled to the old age fuel allowance.?My dob is 11 th of December 1951 .Best regards John Carr.
Joe Carr - 20-Aug-12 @ 2:06 PM
Your website makes it clear what the Government fail to do, thank you very much.
Cavaliers - 11-Nov-11 @ 11:45 AM
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